Who We Work With

We are proud to have worked with great organizations at the federal, state, commercial, and retail level.  Below are examples of our expertise.


State and Federal Government

Multi-layered strategies utilizing: radio, broadcast and cable television, mobile, digital and event marketing for State Education clients has been paramount for these successful educational campaigns.  Our previous performance with clients such as: University of Maryland: College Park, University College, University of Virginia, George Mason University, Longwood University and Virginia Commonwealth University have benefited from our inovative collaborations.

At the State and Federal level we have utilized broadcast and cable television branding opportunities at the regional and local level.  We also implemented behavioral, persona and geo-targeted digital assets to educate residents on these specific campaigns. Some of the departments we have worked with are: Virginia Department of Transportation, Virginia Department of Health, Virginia College Savings plan,  Department of Veterans Affairs, and the Department of Health and Human Services.


Hospitals & Healthcare

We have had great success in the hospitals and healthcare industry.  We have strategized with four of the largest hospital groups in the DC area. By blending great ideas with a mixture of: in-content branding,mobile delivery, long form video interview segments, targeted commercial campaigns and social media posts and boosts, we were able to highlight the strengths of each of their doctors, provide educational outreach, and show the advanced treatment options at their locations.



Driving awareness, engagement, excitement and action are the important elements to tickets sales in the entertainment field. We have worked with the largest concert promoters and venues in the country as well as the Washington DC, area.  Our strategy of strategic placements in video, social media, contesting, promotions, long form, in-content placement, and consumer engagement have led to great success and increased ticket sales for all of our clients.


Automotive Dealerships

Thinking beyond the commercial spot schedule is what we do best.  We have helped build strategies for the largest Tier 3 automotive groups in the DC area. By creating co-branded content features focusing on the strengths of broadcast television.  We utilized digital media, educational interviews, digital and social media to provide great value and engagement for our clients. A strong branded initiative and targeted commercial schedules create great results.  We have also worked with some of the largest Tier 1 and Tier 2 dealer groups nationally and regionally in radio, broadcast and cable television.

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