Why Us?

We listen to your needs. It sounds simple, and it is for The Roscrea Group. Your goals and objectives are the driving force of our partnership and the guiding principle of the message we create.


1. Research

We use timely, comprehensive research and data to identify your customer profile: single user, persona, geographic, demographic and behavioral targeting information that guides us to deliver your message to your clients. We analyze market trends and competitive industry information that affect when and how your message is delivered.  Our analysis ensures that the target audience receives your message at the optimal moment.

2. Create

You know your business like no one else. The Roscrea Group will complement your knowledge with our marketing insights.  We will create clear messaging around your vision and drive ROI. We will guide this messaging internally and externally.  Some of your best assets, your employees, are incredible brand ambassadors. We will create and guarantee a social marketing tool for your internal brand ambassadors to use.


3. Deliver

A Roscrea Group Message is adaptable by platform. This is important because of the many choices in media: social, digital video, mobile, streaming, and traditional. We customize a marketing plan to deliver your brand with programmatic strategies as well as vendor co-branding opportunities.